and its latest production EL BARRIO PROJECT

Pablo Mayor, whose powerhouse orchestra has redefined modern Colombian music in the last decade, crosses cultural boundaries with his latest “El Barrio Project,” which takes his renowned Colombian band into the heart of NYC’s barrios (ethnic neighborhoods).  
Weaving a theatrical narrative, “El Barrio Project” presents a musical ensemble (Folklore Urbano Orchestra) and a dance company (Pajarillo Pinta’o dance company) as a metaphor for a NYC community with its diverse mash-up of peoples, and the real-life relationships that develop, exploring themes of culture, immigration, tradition, and love through music and dance.   Pablo Mayor collaborates with choreographer Daniel Fetecua (formerly of the Limon company, director of Pajarillo Pinta’o), and other composers in this project, with theatrical direction by German Jaramillo of ID Studio Theater. The production is high-energy dancing and modern choreographies based on Colombian rhythms and salsa, theatrical drama, and a cooking repertoire of Pablo Mayor’s renowned Colombian arrangements and compositions, highlighting his latest collaborative works.

The project will involve a series of “episodes” (concerts) with different themes inspired by the diverse immigrant neighborhoods of NYC.  The first episode, premiered at Le Poisson Rouge in December 2016, takes his renowned Colombian band into the heart of Spanish Harlem and the birthplace of salsa—historically known as “El Barrio.”   The second episode, to take place at Flushing Town Hall on April 29, 2017, will take the orchestra into the diverse neighborhood of QUEENS home to many Colombians and other Latinos, and present a special “episode” on Colombians in NYC.

The series will feature among many special guests its latest vocalist, Colombian ALEA (Maria Alejandra Jiménez), and stars of NYC’s Latin elite: Danny Gonzalez on congas (a long-standing member of the Cuban establishment Orquesta Broadway), multi-instrumentalist Eddie Venegas (Marc Anthony side-man, Orquesta Broadway) on vocals and violin, David Frankel (Ave. B Salsa Band), and vocalist and songwriter “Chino” Melao (an icon in the historic era of NYC salsa).

The orchestra features Folklore Urbano’s core rhythm section with Franco Pinna on drums, and Dave Hertzberg, bass, Nestor Gómez and Jonathan Gómez on percussion and the usual all-star line-up of jazz horn players.


“…The twelve-member collective known as Folklore Urbano swings like a fine-tuned big band as it takes the roots of Colombian rhythms on a rollercoaster ride of sophisticated arrangements and liberating jazzy applications…Mayor…creates compelling music, full of textural complexity…” Rudy Mangual, Latin Beat Magazine, 

“…Folklore Urbano’s 12 members perform material that is authentic and refreshing, due in no small part to Mayor’s amazing way of synthesizing jazz with Colombian folkloric music, taking Latin music to an entirely new dimension” Vicky Sola, Latin Beat Magazine

“…Their CD Baile/Dance ranked among the top ten albums of 2005” World Music Central

“…Their first CD Aviso, featuring Andy Gonzales on bass, nominated as one of the top ten Latin music albums of 2003” Vicky Sola, Latin Beat Mag.


Modern Colombian music is redefined in fresh, lively, provocative dimensions every time Pablo Mayor’s Folklore Urbano Orchestra hits the stage.  This powerhouse 12-14 member orchestra seamlessly fuses the danceable swing of traditional Colombian rhythms with the lush subtleties of contemporary jazz harmonies and unique arrangements.  The ensemble is driven by a rhythm section deeply grounded in traditional Colombian music.  Like a feisty chef, leader Pablo Mayor then adds explosive horns and soaring, colorful vocalists to produce a tasty, sultry, addictive blend!  Featuring stunning ALEA on vocals and an ensemble of world-renowned jazz and traditional musicians.

Pablo Mayor’s Folklore Urbano Orchestra is the innovative project of Colombian bandleader, pianist, composer, and arranger Pablo Mayor.  The group’s three highly-acclaimed CD’s, Aviso, Baile/Dance, and the latest Corazón, have been broadcast throughout the World.  The group has embarked on their latest production entitled, “El Barrio Project,” a cross-cutural meeting of Cumbia and Salsa