Quintet-Music and Dance

AMALGAMA-Music and Dance Project

a collaboration of Pablo Mayor-Folklore Urbano and Daniel Fetecua-Pajarillo Pinta’o Dance Company

-A meeting of two creative minds, of two genres, AMALGAMA presents the music and dance collaboration of renowned Colombian artists Pablo Mayor and Daniel Fetecua.  Whether in its full manifestation, (the Folklore Urbano Orchestra with Pajarillo Pinta’o dance company in large numbers), or in its intimate quintet format, these two artists explore the possibilities of contemporary choreography and original music based on the traditions of their native country COLOMBIA.

-In the signature style of Pablo Mayor, urban (jazz) meets folklore, where the folkloric aspect of the music—the inherent groove—is the utmost priority.  Adding dance to this format only enhances this aspect of the music, where we find all traditional Colombian music paired with dance.  But the twist here is the dancer and choreographer comes with 10 years experience working with the Pina Bausch Tanzteater Wuppertal in Germany and  most recently the Limon Dance Company in New York.  World class, cutting edge dance. World class, cutting edge music.  The group presents modern choreographies with original music, contemporary takes on traditional dance and traditional music, and inspiring improvisations where each musician interacts with the dancers in a very raw, spontaneous setting.  It is truly a New York original, but deeply rooted in everything passionate, colorful, moving, and diverse about Colombia.