Folklore Urbano NYC is a musical production company founded by Colombian composer/pianist Pablo Mayor and flutist Anna Povich de Mayor.  We uplift and inspire through our renowned ensembles and productions, Pablo Mayor’s compositional work that can be heard on productions from artists ranging from Totó la Momposina to Arturo O’Farrill’s Afro-Latin Jazz Orchestra, an educational program Cumbia for Kids, our collaborative work with iD Studio Theater in the South Bronx, and our close work with choreographer/dancer Daniel Fetecua.

Folklore Urbano NYC bridges traditional and contemporary sounds, unifies musicians and audiences, crosses art forms through multi-disciplinary collaborations, and instills an understanding and respect for Latin American culture, the environment, and diversity, through education.

The concept “Folklore Urbano” was founded in 1999 when Pablo Mayor moved to NYC and began producing modern Latin American music inspired by his native Colombia, combining formal studies in jazz with a passion for folkloric Latin American rhythms.  Follow us on instagram  @GlobalMusicToUnify

Artistic Director: Pablo Mayor    I   Managing Director: Anna Povich de Mayor

About our new visual identity

Navigating this cultural labyrinth that is NYC, Folklore Urbano NYC has since 2000 been producing, uniting, creating, and educating.  As we follow along this path, we find continuity in a mission that serves to gather people and artists of all backgrounds, to understand and celebrate cultural origins, and to bring joy through the power of the arts.  Our new identity is an open invitation to come discover new, uncharted cultural territories, as we continue to create #GlobalMusicToUnify.

Our new single is out!  “Black is Beautiful”

Share the song and sing along!  Black is Beautiful on iTunes