Folklore Urbano is a musical production company founded by Colombian composer and pianist Pablo Mayor.  The concept “Folklore Urbano” was founded in 1999 when Pablo Mayor moved to NYC and decided to dedicate his career to producing modern Colombian music, combining his formal studies in jazz arranging with a passion for music from his native country of Colombia.  Out of this concept came his renowned band in various formats from trio to full 14-piece orchestra, an educational project “Cumbia for Kids and Cumbia for All,” The Encuentro NYC Colombian Music festival, and a music and dance collaboration with Colombian dancer Daniel Fetecua “Amalgama.”  His latest production “El Barrio Project” brings together his extensive experience in other Latin American styles that stems from his long career as pianist with the renowned Afro-Cuban charanga band Orquesta Broadway, over 17 years as resident composer for ID Studio Theater (featuring over 100 compositions bridging styles and genres), his work as pianist with the folkloric Puerto Rican establishment Los Pleneros de la 21, and his compositional work for Berklee City Music’s Pulse Latino software/educational program.