Untold Tales-stay tuned to date change due to the delay in construction caused by Hurricane Ida.

Fantasy and reality intermingle in the magical delivery room of “Amagong” where amidst a sonorous and visual landscape of dancers, orchestra, and magical boxes, we find a talking head. The head, a “no body,” tells the story of coming to this country and a long life of global wandering in search of his body, which, like the real-life characters depicted in the work, finds hope, love, and ultimately identity, at the end of a painful 243-year journey. A multi-disciplinary production of music, dance, and theater inspired by the lives of immigrants living in the New York City area, woven together by a comical yet poignant theatrical narrative based on elements of Washington Irving’s Legend of Sleepy Hollow.

Produced by Pablo and Anna Mayor of Folklore Urbano NYC with the support of iD Studio Theater, the Village of Sleepy Hollow, and funds from a Rockefeller Brothers Fund Culpeper Arts and Culture grant


Co-Artistic, Theater and stage direction by German Jaramillo

Co-Artistic, Dance Direction, and Choreography by Daniel Fetecua

Co-Artistic, Musical Direction and Compositions by Pablo Mayor

Co-Artistic and Narrative direction by Anna Povich de Mayor

Libretto by Toby Campion

Costume and stage design by Hersilia Restrepo assisted by Vera Zamdmer